Welcome back to Real Axe! It’s been too long, and the return is pure flavour. RA Europe sees a more diverse dynamic than previous eps: Creed McTaggart, filmmaker Toby Cregan and photographer Dunc Macfarlane roll through France and Portugal with Noa Deane, Dion Agius, Shaun Manners, and Dave Rastovich. And it’s Rasta who “we were all most tripping on,” says Tobes. I could talk about Rasta all day. He’s the sickest. He’s just got all these little insights into surfing. He cares so much about surfing, as much as he cares about environmental things. There’s one bit in the clip where Rasta’s talking, it’s just drunk-guy-rambling, talking about how cool surfing could be if everyone got along, but I wanted to show that Rasta’s just a normal guy. I didn’t want to have him riding dolphins and stuff. That’s why I put him in the trailer eating a packet of crisps. He’s a human dude that swears and is just normal. But he’s really cool.”

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