Episode 78
George Greenough’s construction of boats, waterhousings, and waveriding tools in order to manifest his dreams are legendary acts not likely to be repeated. Not since has one man single-handedly so dramatically influenced surf culture. In this episode of Sea Movies we are fortunate enough to air an exclusive collab by Greenough himself with the talented Australian musician Shannon Sol Carroll who co-composed the soundtrack to Under The Sun with his Band of Frequencies.

For more of Shannon’s music and Andrew Crockett’s projects, check out

For more info on Band of Frequencies go to:

A limited edition ‘All I’ve Found’ EP with a frame grab of Greenough on the front cover is available for a short time only at It’s also available to download at:

Stay informed about Band of Freq’s future movements via:

George Greenough On Maui In 1967 in Slo-Mo
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