Shane Herring took “3 Years to get to the top and 3 years to get to the bottom”

In 1992 Shane Herring won the Coke Classic against Kelly Slater and was heralded as Australia’s answer to the Slater juggernaut. However, Shane Herring’s career went horribly off the rails due to his partying habits and he went from likely the ‘Best Surfer in the World’ status on the most advanced equipment to nowhere in a blink of an eye. In this candid and confronting documentary Shane Herring and his closest associates reflect on his time in the spotlight.

Note: The archival footage of Shane’s surfing is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Interviews with Shane and his shaper at the time Greg Webber. Greg’s design for Shane called “The Banana” is the inspiring for Kelly Slater’s new board #3 in the Surfing Magazine’s article called So You Want to Buy a Kelly Slater Surfboard?

A film by Monty Webber.

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