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Revisiting Tom Curren’s infamous ’94 session at Indo’s biggest right tube — on a 5’7″ Fireball Fish at Bawa in Indonesia.

Tom Curren revolutionized surfboard design in the early nineties when he took out a 5’7″ Fireball fish in sizeable surf at Bawa, off Sumatra.

Curren had a few boards to chose from: a 7’10” Dave Parmenter Widowmaker, a 6’8″ Channel Islands semi-gun (which he lent to Davo) and a 5’7″ Fireball Fish, originally shaped for Olberhozer by Tommy Peterson (MP’s brother) and adopted by Curren after flying over sections in Australia weeks before. After seeing Davo scratch into a 10-foot double-up, Curren opted for the 7’10”, but came in after an hour or so and switched to the 5’7″.

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