The most famous surf contest in memory of Eddie Aikau almost happened today, but the ocean had different plans. The swell filled in during the afternoon and there were a lot of big waves being ridden. These are some of the gnarliest drone shots I have gotten of surfing. Many near crashes with waves and definitely lots of spray on the drone after every flight. Well worth it.

***Added because so many people have been asking what drone this is. This is my disclaimer: Do not use DJI products. Their drones are extremely faulty, cheaply made, and DJI has the worse customer service when their products fail. I have personally experienced and I have seen many drones malfunction, crash or fall out of the sky as a result of drone/battery malfunction. I have been using DJI drones for a couple of years and I was hoping they would get more reliable with their product and services and I am still hoping.

YETI Presents: The Malloy Brothers
SMALL & SPICY / Brenno Dorrington




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